Admiralty,Shipping & Maritime Laws

The Firm is premier amongst Admiralty Firms practicing in the High Court at Calcutta. The Firm is retained by major shipping companies world-wide and enjoys confidence of International P & I Clubs and English Maritime Solicitors. Regular clients dealing with the Firm include the Thomas Miller P&I, UK Defence Club, The Britannia Steamship Insurance Association, Charterer's P&I Club (London), the West of England P&I Club, the London Steamship Owners Mutual Insurance Association Ltd. and the TT Club. The Firm is empanelled with Association of Shipping Interests, Calcutta and the Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.


The Firm is specialized in conducting legal proceedings for arrest and release of marine vessels, attachment of bunkers, exercise of maritime lien, enforcement of maritime claims, interpretation of maritime conventions, disputes pertaining to Charter Parties, conditions of delivery of cargo, damages, demurrage, with holding and detention of marine containers, etc.

The Firm frequently advises clients in India and abroad on Bill of Lading disputes, Import and Export procedure, interpreting Charter Party provisions, local agent's obligation towards inbound vessels.

The Firm has extensive experience in collision and salvage of wrecks. The Firm regularly conducts legal survey on board vessels in the Ports of Kolkata and Haldia in situations of short landing, damage to vessels, questions relating to ship worthiness and accidents.

A specialized division dedicated to maritime practice under leadership of Subhojit Roy, has been recognized as an expert service provider particularly in the Calcutta High Court. The Maritime Division's approach remains committed to solving commercial disputes through negotiation and personal representations within the legal framework rather than taking matters to Court at the first instance. The Firm is also often approached for drafting of charter parties, overseas sale agreements and claim notices.

Mr. Subhojit Roy, Partner, has been empanelled with the Shipping Corporation of India Limited as its Advocate-on-Record for many legal proceedings and also a monthly retainer for conducting legal audit periodically and to provide the consultancy services to functional officers on regular basis.

The Firm not only assists in conducting Admiralty litigation but also takes active part in marine surveys, drafting of shipment and carriage related contracts, conciliation and negotiation and specialized consultancy services.


The Maritime Division of the Firm and its dealing Partner, Subhojit Roy, offers consultancy services to non ship owning companies based in West Bengal and Orissa on monthly retainer basis. The arrangement involves prompt advise on shipping law, procedure of the trade with legal implications, drafting notices and replies, making representations and guiding the client with a view to prevent legal disputes.



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